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I am a sales agent at Real Estate Solutions in Morgan Hill and an independent licensed real estate appraiser. I have been a sales agent since 2011, and have held an appraiser license since 2005. My specialty is customer service, having spent 19 years in the construction industry, the last nine of those dealing directly as a client specialist, with management relating to projects from hundreds to millions of dollars. I am task oriented, with project management skills from my days in construction having filtered over to my real estate duties.

I feel that my job as a real estate appraiser has enhanced my understanding of the real estate sales world, allowing me to better price a home for a client wishing to buy or sell in an uncertain market. My skills as a real estate appraiser give me an edge over the typical real estate agent, often allowing the seller to avoid the pitfalls of over or under pricing their home, or of the buyer paying too much for their desired property. In today's world of seemingly ever increasing values and low inventory, pricing a a home correctly can be the difference in a quick sale or purchase process and a lengthy, drawn out nightmare. 

I have been a Hollister resident since 1999, having spent most of my life in the Bay Area. I've watched the Hollister area grow, watched businesses come and go, and have been a part of many successful sale transactions. I raised my two children here, watched them grow and go off on their adventures, and have been focused on the daily tasks of my jobs. Keeping up with market trends is important, and in areas like Morgan Hill, Gilroy, Hollister, and the surrounding communities, we've seen tremendous growth in new construction. This means better choices for my family, friends and my clients, whether they're looking for a new or previously occupied home, or are considering selling their existing property to move to something that better suits there current needs. 

To me, the ability to help the client achieve their goal is one of the most satisfying experiences of the business. Handing the keys to the buyer, watching the faces of the families that finally realize that they're the new owners, that's the real reward. Or getting the seller the best price for a home, walking them through the process and easing them through the complicated world that has become real estate sales, this is also equally rewarding. 

My goal is the client's satisfaction with the transaction and my work. I will work diligently to get there, and represent you to the best of my abilities. I have the added benefit of an office with some of the most knowledgeable agents in the area, with land, residential and commercial sales and leasing experience. There's most likely nothing that will come up in a transaction that someone in the office hasn't already seen. I also have trusted partners in the real estate world, including title and escrow services, all manner of home inspections, and contracting contacts. Having people that I've worked with and know from past experiences speeds the process along, and helps you get to your goal that much faster.

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