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17775 Monterey Street
Morgan Hill, CA 95037 USA

Real Estate Solutions was created out of a combination of Experience, Inspiration and Perspiration.

After years in the multi-family and office side of the commercial business, I got a feeling about a year before the great recession that something was happening.  People were moving out of California and office clients were asking for smaller space or cutting short their leases and moving back home.

To hedge my bet I decided to learn the single family home side of the business so I joined a large residential real estate firm that would also allow me to maintain my commercial endeavors.  I learned a lot and despite starting at the same time the great recession was taking hold I did quite well.

During all of this, I was still involved with several land deals as a result of my association with the Open Space Authority of the Santa Clara Valley having been part of nearly 20,000 acres of land acquisitions.

Then in 2011 a building that I owned that had been rented by a local attorney for over 25 years became available.  I took it as a sign that the time had come and along with some encouragement from other agents in the business, and opened Real Estate Solutions.

Why the name?  We provide solutions to all of your real estate needs in one place.

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